BULQ’s New Pallet Shipping Experience!

Introducing Calculated Shipping
With Multi-Pallet Savings

Purchasing a BULQ pallet is better than ever.
You can now enjoy TWO big updates to our pallet shipping experience:

Calculated Shipping

Pallet shipping costs will now be determined using the lot’s weight and final destination. This helps ensure we use the most accurate and updated rates available, meaning you never overpay for shipping. Calculated shipping applies ONLY to pallets; cases will continue to ship for a flat rate of $30/case.

Multi-Pallet Shipping Savings

Buy more, save more! Customers purchasing more than one pallet from the same warehouse will save on shipping on their order, up to six pallets at a time.

How It Works


Select a Pallet

Browse pallets on BULQ.com or in the app as you normally would.


Enter Your Address

Once you’ve selected a lot, enter your address, unless logged in, to see your personalized shipping rates.


Add More, Save More

Watch your savings add up in your cart for every pallet added to your order.*

Shipping Rate Estimator

Select a warehouse location and a U.S. region to view estimated shipping costs and savings.**

Address Type:
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Savings per
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**Note: rates based on the average dimensions of BULQ pallets (48x40x42" and 235 lbs), actual rates subject to change.

New Shipping Perks

Multi-Pallet Savings

Enjoy shipping savings when you order 2-6 pallets at one time.

Never Overpay for Shipping

With calculated shipping, we use weight and distance to ensure you’re paying an accurate price.

Discounted Carrier Rates

We’ve negotiated deep discounts with major freight shipping providers, which we’re passing down to you.

See this new experience in action by checking out
our video walk-through below.

Ready to start sourcing?

Check out our available pallets now to take advantage of these updates!


Why was shipping changed from flat-rate to calculated for pallets?

Calculated shipping ensures customers are receiving the most accurate and updated shipping rates available, so they never overpay for shipping.

Why does calculated shipping apply to just pallets and not cases?

Pallets are shipped via freight carriers, whereas cases are shipped parcel via ground.

How are shipping rates for pallets calculated?

Pallet shipping rates are calculated based on a pallet’s weight and distance from the final delivery address.

What if my order contains both pallets and cases?

If you order a mix of both cases and pallets, your shipping charge will be a combination of 1) the pallet(s) calculated shipping cost and 2) the $30 flat-rate cost per each case.

Does the displayed pallet price on BULQ.com and the mobile app include the cost of calculated shipping?

To view a pallet’s personalized shipping cost, click on the pallet of interest from the “Browse” page. If you’ve already inputted your zip code, the pallet’s shipping cost will appear in the cost breakdown. If not, click on the pallet and enter your zip code next to the pallet’s price to receive estimated shipping rates for your location.

*Multi-pallet freight shipping savings available for orders of 2-6 pallets from the same warehouse. Exact shipping savings per pallet vary depending on pallet’s weight, dimensions, and final destination.

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