Last updated on 7/28/2017

Merchandise Delabeling and Defacing Policy & Procedures

  1. Overview

    Buyers must remove or draw lines through all labels, tags, or markings on merchandise bearing any of the brands or logos listed below prior to re-sale.

  2. Brands

    Affected Brands:

    • A New Day
    • Adam Lippes For Target
    • ANewDay
    • Archer Farms
    • Art Class
    • Assets by Sara Blakely
    • Ava & Viv
    • Baby Cat & Jack
    • Beekman 1802
    • Boots
    • Boots & Barkley
    • Boots, Britain's Beauty Expert
    • Boots&Barkley
    • Brand
    • Bullseye
    • C9
    • C9 by Champion
    • C9 Champion
    • Calphalon
    • Calypso
    • Calypso St. Barth for Target
    • Carlton Cards
    • Cat & Jack
    • Champion
    • Chefmate
    • Chefs
    • Cherokee
    • Choxie
    • Circo
    • Cloud Island
    • Converse
    • Converse One Start
    • Denizen
    • Durabuilt
    • Dwell Studio
    • Eddie Borgo
    • Embark
    • Evolve
    • Field Crest
    • Fieldcrest
    • Garden place
    • Genuine Baby
    • Genuine Kids
    • Genuine Kids by OshKosh
    • Genuine Kids from OshKosh
    • Giada de Laurentiis
    • Giade
    • Gilligan
    • Gilligan & O'malley
    • Gilligan&Omalley
    • GO International
    • Gold Toe
    • Good Chemistry
    • Goodfellow & Co
    • Hand Made
    • Hand Made Modern Blue
    • Hand Made Modern Pink
    • Harajuku Mini
    • Hearth & Hand
    • Heyday
    • Isabel
    • Itso
    • Jemma Kidd
    • Jibbitz
    • Josie Natori
    • Joy Lab
    • Just One You
    • Just One You Made By Carter's
    • Kelty
    • Kid Made Modern
    • Knox Rose
    • Knox Rose Primary
    • Lifescapes
    • Lilly Pultizer
    • Liz Lange
    • Liz Lange Maternity
    • Local Pride
    • Local Pride by Todd Snyder
    • Made By Design
    • Made to Matter
    • Market Pantry
    • Merona
    • Michael Graves
    • Miss Trish
    • Mossimo
    • Mossimo Black
    • Mossimo Denim
    • Mossimo Supply
    • Mossimo Supply Co
    • Nate Berkus
    • Nate Berkus Baby
    • Nick & Nora
    • Opalhouse
    • Oshkosh
    • Papyrus
    • Party Like Crazy!
    • Paul Frank
    • Pillow Fort
    • PillowFort
    • Pixi
    • Play Wonder
    • Play Woner
    • Project 62
    • ProSpirit
    • ProSpirit
    • RE
    • Renovations
    • Riedel
    • Room Essentials
    • Salon Series
    • Shaun White 4 Target
    • Simply Balance
    • Simply Balanced
    • Simply Shabby Chic
    • SK Sonia Kashuk
    • Smith & Hawken
    • Sonia Kashuk
    • Spiritz
    • Splendid Little
    • Spritz
    • StudioTools
    • Sutton & Dodge
    • Target
    • Target Owned Brands
    • Tevolio
    • Threshold
    • Umberto
    • Universal Thread Good Co.
    • Up & Up
    • Up&Up
    • Utility
    • Vroom
    • Waverly
    • Who What Wear
    • WhoWhatWear
    • Wine Cube
    • Woolrich
    • Work.Org
    • Xhilaration
  3. Delabeling and Defacing Procedures

    Buyers must adhere to the following delabeling and defacing procedures, as applicable. When drawing lines through brand identifiers and scannable codes, these lines must be made with a permanent black marker.

    Packaged Goods

    Boxed Merchandise

    Remove product from original packaging when packaging is not required to keep product intact.

    If removing product is not practical:

    • Remove or draw lines through all brand identifiers;
    • Remove or draw vertical lines through all scannable codes; and
    • Remove and discard all warranty cards and registration information

    Merchandise in in clear packaging (e.g. Plastic Bags, Clam Shells):

    Remove or draw lines through all brand identifiers displayed on inserts;

    Remove or draw vertical lines through all scannable codes.


    Remove all hang tags;

    Remove all or draw lines through sewn-in labels;

    Draw lines through brand labels in a manner that will not damage or make the merchandise unsaleable; and

    Remove heat stamps completely wherever possible (Heat stamp labels may be double stamped to make the label illegible).


    Remove all original shoe boxes;

    Draw lines through brand logos; and

    Remove all hang tags.

    Jewelry and Accessories

    Remove all hang tags;

    If hang tags cannot be removed, hang tags must be defaced by drawing lines through all brand identifiers and vertical lines through all scannable codes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “delabeling or defacing” mean?
Delabeling or defacing is the act of removing or marking labels, tags, or scannable codes as described in the Delabeling Policy above.
Why do certain items need to be delabeled?
Retailers sometimes require delabeling as part of their agreement to sell products to third-party sellers. When you purchase from BULQ, you agree to adhere to our Terms of Purchase, which includes the Delabeling Policy.
What items need to be delabeled?
The products described in the policy above are subject to the delabeling requirement. The requirement will be noted in the product details for those wholesale lots containing items that subject to delabeling.
Who is responsible for delabeling?
Buyers who source items that fall under the delabeling requirement are responsible for fulfilling the requirement as described in our policy.

Have more questions? We’re here to help. Please reach out to us at or call 1-844-311-BULQ.

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